>February 2010


Flirt-Anita Blake 18 Novelite-Laurell K. Hamilton-February 2, 2010
Blood Magic-World of the Lupi 6-Eileen Wilks-February 2, 2010
Unknown-Outcast Season 2-Rachel Caine-February 2, 2010
Real Vampires Hate Their Thighs-Real Vamps 5-Gerry Bartlett-February 2, 2010
Accidentally Demonic-Accidental series 4-Dakota Cassidy-February 2, 2010
A Girls Guide to Guns &Monsters-Nancy Holder,Lilith Saintcrow,Jeanne Stein+more-February 2, 2010(Anthology)
Prey-Maneater 3-Thomas Emson-February 2, 2010
Nothing Denied-Albright Sisters 4-Jess Micheals-February 2, 2010
First Drop of Crimson-Night Huntress World 1-Jeaniene Frost-February 9, 2010
Black Magic Sanction-Rachel Morgan 8-Kim Harrison-February 23, 2010
Blood of the Demon-Kara Gillian 2-Diana Rowland-February 23, 2010
Battle of the Network Zombies-Amanda Feral 3-Mark Henry-February 23, 2010
Cat’s Claw-Calliope Reaper-Jones 2-Amber Benson-February 23, 2010
Twice Dead-Haven 2-Kalayna Price-February 2010(YA)


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