>News about Cassie Palmer 5


From Karen Chance: News about Cassie Palmer 5

“I have an announcement to make, but when they saw what it was the minions refused to post it. They’re off cowering in fear somewhere, leaving me no choice but to do it myself. Damn minions.

Anyway, it feels strange to write 2010, doesn’t it? That’s a sci-fi sounding date right there. But 2010 it is and since I have been promising an update on the Cassie series for months now, I thought I should make some sort of statement. So for the record, this is what’s going on.

I do have a contract for Cassie Palmer #5 and Dory Basarab #3. I am working on the Cassie right now and expect to be finished shortly. However, because Death’s Mistress had to be pushed back three months (due to my health problems at the time), my editor has decided to delay the publication of Cassie #5. She’s chosen the summer of 2011, I suppose to make absolutely sure that there’s no difficulty meeting the deadline this time.

I am trying to get the date adjusted, but if it does remain fixed, I will do what I can to alleviate any withdrawal symptoms anyone may feel by putting some short stories with different character’s POVs on the web site. Yes, they’ll be free. Yes, this is a bribe not to lynch me. No, they won’t be deleted scenes or crap like that, because most of my deleted stuff was deleted for a reason. They’ll be the same quality I write for publication (whatever you may think that is) I’ll just be “publishing” them here.

So in the next couple of months, look for a short from John Pritkin’s POV, then a few months later one from Mircea and later on another from Francoise. There may be more after that, depending on what my schedule allows, but those are the ones I have in mind right now. I hope you’ll enjoy and, please, don’t kill me. Remember, ghostly fingers don’t type too well.”

I’m a Cassie Palmer fan and one of the many who believe that this isn’t a smart move by Karen Chance’s publishers. The last Cassie was Curse the Dawn out April 7, 2009. So it will be a 2 year gap in between novels. Though, as she promised, Karen Chance has her first point of view, John Pritkin, scheduled for March 31, 2010 called Shadowland. It’s only available on her website for absolutely FREE!!

Cassie Palmer [UF]
Touch the Dark-June 2006
Claimed by Shadows-April 2007
Embrace the Night-April 2008
Curse the Dawn-April 2009


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