>Burned; Don’t stand too close to the flame


Burned by: P.C. Cast & Kristin Cast
Burned, the highly anticipated seventh book in P. C. and Kristin Cast’s bestselling House of Night series, takes readers deeper into the world of Zoey Redbird and her friends as they deal with a powerful fallen angel, hateful frenemies, and jealous boyfriends.
When friends stop trusting each other, Darkness is there to fan the flames…. Things have turned black at the House of Night. Zoey Redbird’s soul has shattered. With everything she’s ever stood for falling apart, and a broken heart making her want to stay in the Otherworld forever, Zoey’s fading fast. It’s seeming more and more doubtful that she will be able pull herself back together in time to rejoin her friends and set the world to rights. As the only living person who can reach her, Stark must find a way to get to her. But how? He will have to die to do so, the Vampire High Council stipulates. And then Zoey will give up for sure. There are only 7 days left… Enter BFF Stevie Rae. She wants to help Z but she has massive problems of her own. The rogue Red Fledglings are acting up, and this time not even Stevie Rae can protect them from the consequences. Her kinda boyfriend, Dallas, is sweet but too nosy for his own good. The truth is, Stevie Rae’s hiding a secret that might be the key to getting Zoey home but also threatens to explode her whole world. In the middle of the whole mess is Aphrodite: ex-Fledgling, trust-fund baby, total hag from Hell (and proud of it). She’s always been blessed (if you could call it that) with visions that can reveal the future, but now it seems Nyx has decided to speak through her with the goddess’s own voice, whether she wants it or not. Aphrodite’s loyalty can swing a lot of different ways, but right now Zoey’s fate hangs in the balance. Three girls… playing with fire… if they don’t watch out, everyone will get Burned.

The story is told from multiple perspectives and is really more of Stevie Rae’s book. It focuses on her struggle to bring Zoey’s soul back from the otherworld where it has been wandering since breaking upon Heath’s death. We also get a change of scenery in this book since a good portion of it takes place in The Highlands (specifically the Isle of Skye). P.C. Cast did extensive research on location in Scotland with the Chieftain of Clan Wallace (Yes…as in Braveheart Wallace), Seoras Wallace, who is a world renowned historian on the Scottish Highlands. It is fascinating to see Zoey’s character outside of The House of Night and that change gives a new and refreshing energy to the story. While in the previous books we have seen everything revolving around Zoey and her choices, in Burned, Zoey is broken and needs her friends to help her. It is an interesting turn of circumstances, while in earlier installments we saw Zoey not fully trusting and relying on her friends, now she has no choice. Stark is my favorite of Zoey’s suitors and his part in the plot is not a small role, nor is Aphrodite’s. If anything this book helped establish some of the other characters and cement their place in The House Of Night saga by showing definite growth and strength of the players in the story. Though this book helps move the overall plot along, there are still unresolved issues. With 12 books planned in the series it’s a given that the 7th, “Burned”, will leave fans longing for more and eagerly anticipating the next installment.
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10 responses to “>Burned; Don’t stand too close to the flame

  1. >I'm having mixed feelings about this upcoming book. I thought the last one seemed too choppy with it being from multiple POV's. Based upon your review I see this as being a transitionary book, which does help the plot along, but doesn't offer much closure (Which is what I like :))

  2. >By taking the characters out of the HoN it breathed a new kind of life into it! The most interesting development is the setting in the Scottish Highlands. Before, the story had so much Native American lore now P.C Cast has given it a twist. I can't wait to see where it takes us!

  3. >I'll be reading. Thanks for the review!

  4. >There's another PC & Kristin Cast series…right?

  5. >The Goddess of Partholon series is by PC Cast. I am reading it now! It is really good!

  6. >Which series do you enjoy more, Day? Are there similarities between them, or are they very different from one another? (Looks like you should plan to review the other one, too, huh? :D)

  7. >Thanks for the review, Day. I see that the series is available in German, so I'll put the books on my list of books to buy.

  8. >Yes, I was hoping to have a review for the other series up this week but I still have three books in the series to read! I opted to do a series review instead of individual book for the Parthalon saga. It will be up before the next release in the UK for the series.I like the Goddess books better. House of Night are designed for Young Adult and the writing reflects that target audience. Make sure to watch the video link of PC Cast's interview with her Scottish Historian, Wallace (who I found quite sexy;))

  9. >Great review Day, thanks. I have to say I really liked Tempted and felt like the Red Fledglings story line was a great new twist on the plot. So I am very excited that Stevie Rae and the winged men will be forefront in Burned. Stark and Aphrodite are favorites of mine and very interesting characters. With Stark's aim never missing it's target, let's hope he has a bullseye on Neferet's heart. I'm hoping for Kalona to find his way in this book and Erik to move on to different things.

  10. >Well I finally finished Burned the other day and I thought it was very good. Each book seems to move forward and you get the feel of Zoe and her friends maturing. I loved the white bull representing Darkness and the black bull representing Light. And the Warrior Queen was a great new character. I hope to see more with her and her Guardian.

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