>Winner!! Rachel Caine’s KISS OF DEATH

>Thanks to everyone who entered our giveaway for the two signed copies of Rachel Caine’s KISS OF DEATH, the beautiful Amelie bracelet, and the amazing Eve’s Dragon Pendant necklace, both from the lovely Swinka of Cadsawan Jewelry and Design!!

The winners for a signed copy of Rachel Caine Kiss of Death chosen by Random.org with………

The beautiful Amelie bracelet is:

Lexie said…

I hope to read Kiss of Death because since Fade out I’ve been on pins and needles to find out what happens now that Amelie’s control is slipping and I want to see how Eve and Michael play out…

The amazing Eve’s Dragon Pendant necklace is:

rachie203 said…
Awesome new blog! I’m definitely following! 🙂 I would love to win this book because I am a HUGE Rachel Caine fan and the MV series is like my literary crack – and let me tell you I’m jonesing for my next hit! ;D Thanks for the contest!

Now last week after our original post for our Kiss of Death contest Swinka of Cadsawan Jewelry and Design gave us another Amelie bracelet and Eve’s Dragon Pendant necklace to give away and those winners are:

Of the Amelie bracelet:

shanesgirl said…
hey i would love to win the signed copy of kiss of death because well the book basically changed my life, its what i talk about, read about (obviously) write about. ive written about 20 short stories off the book. you can ask my friends and family they certainly want to kill almost everyday because all i talk about is shane, claire, and well evryone else in the book. also whenever i do something i always think to myself what would claire do and thats how i make my descions (freaky right) and since i read this book ive been inspired to try to get into college early just like claire. and when i pick out my clothes i think to myself what would claire wear. anyway winning this book would be amazing and mean the world to me. thank you i hope im picked

Of the Eve’s Dragon Pendant necklace:

Sana said…

Finally, I’ve been waiting for contests for these series!

Alright, the reason why I like Kiss of death is because of the way the book is presented. I love how it’s mixed with suspense and a little bit of thriller mixed with romance. I love how the whole series is so unique and yet so real. I really enjoyed how Claire was a character that I could connect so much too. Whenever she gets stuck on what to do, I feel as if I’m in her spot, with no idea what to do if I’m stuck in a problem.
I admire Claire and the rest of the Glass House friends, they’re so brave. If I were in there place and knew vampires existed in my town, boy would I panic! Man is Claire ever brave to not lose her sanity after all that she’s been through. Now that Kiss of Death has come out, I can walk along with Claire, eat, sleep, and do everything that she does in the book once again-and it’s all thanks to the great author Rachel Caine. The book, Kiss of Death will open another door and let me visit the world of Claire and visit Morganville and its vamps once more!

Congratulations to our winners!!! Please contact Doll Day at paperbackdolls@gmail.com

Paperback Dolls would love to thank the wonderful Rachel Caine for answering all of our questions and making our launch day a huge success. Thank you to the lovely swinka of Cadsawan Jewelry and Design for the awesome jewelry. And a great big thanks to all those who entered our contest, stopped by to comment, and spread the word of PBD.


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  1. >Congratulations to each winner!

  2. >Congrats to all the winners!

  3. >Congratulations!

  4. >Congratulation to the winners and I have a blog award for you guys waiting here : http://www.fwiwreviews.net/2010/05/my-very-first-award.html

  5. >Congrats to our winners!!Karen, you gave us an award?! *Squee* Thank you!

  6. >Thanks Karen!For What It's Worth…We love FWIW!

  7. >Wow! Thank you Karen!!!!*Squees with Kitt and Day*

  8. >I'm sure you will get many more – you have a really fun blog – one of my favorites!karen

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