>ARC Review: Waking the Witch by Kelley Armstrong


*This book is due for release August 3, 2010*

Waking the Witch

[Woman of the Otherworld 11]

Another wonderful offering by Ms Armstrong, Waking the Witch is the story of Savannah Levine as she sets out on her own to solve the murders of three women in the small town of Columbus, Washington.
This is the first opportunity to solve a crime on her own, and she’s taking full advantage of it to build her credibility.
Three young women have been murdered in the dying town and everyone assumes they know who the killer is, but no one can prove it. From the rich young man with a family, to the strange commune on the outskirts of town, no one is immune to the whispers of the townspeople.
Savannah uses her skills as an investigator and witch to narrow the field of suspects. When she finally uncovers the killer, the revelation could lead to her death.
Kelley keeps us guessing throughout the book with red herrings at every turn. By the end of the book, she will have you suspicious of your own mother.
I look forward to the next book in the series.

Women of the Otherworld [UF]
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Waking the Witch-August 3, 2010

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Mona received this book at RT.

The orphaned daughter of a sorcerer and a half-demon, Savannah is a terrifyingly powerful young witch who has never been able to resist the chance to throw her magical weight around. But at 21 she knows she needs to grow up and prove to her guardians, Paige and Lucas, that she can be a responsible member of their supernatural detective agency. So she jumps at the chance to fly solo, investigating the mysterious deaths of three young women in a nearby factory town as a favour to one of the agency’s associates. At first glance, the murders look garden-variety human, but on closer inspection signs point to otherworldly stakes.

Soon Savannah is in over her head. She’s run off the road and nearly killed, haunted by a mystery stalker, and freaked out when the brother of one of the dead women is murdered when he tries to investigate the crime. To complicate things, something weird is happening to her powers. Pitted against shamans, demons, a voodoo-inflected cult and garden-variety goons, Savannah has to fight to ensure her first case isn’t her last. And she also has to ask for help, perhaps the hardest lesson she’s ever had to learn.

One response to “>ARC Review: Waking the Witch by Kelley Armstrong

  1. >That does it! I *have* to read this series! Thanks Mona! Maybe I knock out the previous books before this one hits shelves August 3rd!

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