>Magnus Bane Character Interview


We are super stoked about our guest today. Not only is he one of the most powerful warlocks in The Mortal Instrument and Infernal Devices series, but we kinda have a major fan-girl love for him too… 

Photo from FanPop by babygirl4ever7

Magnus Bane is the High Warlock of Brooklyn. He was the warlock who signed the mind of Clary Fray after being asked to help erase her early memories by her mother. He first meets the other Shadowhunters at one of his Downworlder parties. He has Clary get him the Book of White, and agrees to help revive her mother with it. Magnus is described as very tall and very thin, and at least partly Asian. He has black hair that is usually spiked and glittery. He wears all kinds of make-up, such as glitter around his eyes and lipstick. He likes to flaunt his sexuality by wearing rainbow leather pants and other flashy accessories. Isabelle once said he was a “sexy, sexy, warlock.” He is also described as having gold-green cat’s eyes, and no belly button. At a young age, Magnus’s parents resented him. When his mother found out what he was, she hung herself in a barn. His father was later driven into an attempt to drown him. In response, Magnus burned him where he stood. Magnus is currently in a relationship with Alec Lightwood. [bio from wikipedia]

Dolls: Magnus! Let me just begin by extending our sincerest thanks your way for participating in this interview! We are so thrilled to have you here!
Magnus: Of course you are.
Dolls: So, how have you been? Have you recovered from the battle with Valentine that we read about in City of Glass?

Magnus: Entirely! I barely got a scratch on me during the battle, and am absolutely back in party-ready form. In fact I’m thinking of throwing another bash when Alec and I return from vacation.

Dolls: Cool, another party! *wonders if we shall get an invitation, those parties rock!*

Dolls: *take stupid smiles off faces and get serious* How is Alec doing? Have you met his parents?

Magnus: Alec’s fine, he’s right here. His parents — well, Maryse I’ve dealt with before whenever we had Institute business. She’s always been pleasant to me. I suppose I’m probably not what she had in mind for her baby boy, but she’s borne up admirably, really. Robert — well, Robert’s a different story. I shouldn’t talk about it now, it upsets Alec.

Dolls: And Jace and Clary, have you seen them much lately?

Magnus: Not since Alec and I left for our round-the-world tour. Alec texts Jace on a fairly regular basis. When we left, they were nauseatingly in love, so I’ve no reason to think things have changed. So fortuitous, that brother-sister awkwardness being cleared up.

Dolls: *nod heads in relief* Absolutely!
What were your thoughts when Jocelyn brought Clary to you all those years ago to put the mark on her enabling her to see that made her forget her Sight?

Magnus: I knew who Jocelyn was. She didn’t give me her real name at first, but everyone knew Valentine Morgenstern’s wife. And I knew Clary must be his child. To be honest, I thought it might be better if Valentine’s offspring was kept as far from the Shadow World as possible.

Dolls: *prepare to take the plunge* Speaking of all those years ago – There seems to be some discrepancy in your age…how old are you really, or is it like the saying “Never ask a woman her age?”

Magnus: Once you pass two hundred or so the years all just seem to blur together, don’t they?

Dolls: You’ve been known to throw some pretty crazy parties where mundanes have accidentally been transformed into rodents! Is there someone in your past or present that you would love to see turned into a rat or other rodent?

Magnus: I can think of a certain girlfriend I had, oh, about a hundred and fifty years ago. She might look nice as a small white mouse.

Dolls: If you could choose an object to be transformed into, what would it be?

Magnus: I’m objectified enough already, darling.
Dolls: *snicker* Living such a long and colorful life seems to have really influenced your style. What is the greatest style secret you can share with us? And what hair gel do you use to make your hair so perfectly spiky?

Magnus: I buy my hair gel at Ricky’s like every other self-respecting New Yorker. I would say my greatest style secret is that you can never be too rich or too sparkly.

*Dolls make plans to visit Ricky’s in NYC, highlights ladies?*

Dolls: What is your favorite feature and Is there anything about your appearance you dislike?

Magnus: I think the secret to total fabulousness is that you have to love what you’ve got. I hated my cat eyes once, but now I like them. I think they’re sexy, don’t you? Admit it.

Dolls: We admit it! Those eyes are extremely super sexy…

Dolls: We bet you’ve met some amazing people and artists in all your years…any favorites you’d share with us?

Magnus: There’s a little anecdote about myself and Napoleon you can read about in City of Fallen Angels.

Dolls: Is there a historical figure you most identify with?

Magnus: I like to think of myself as a combination of David Bowie and Rasputin. With some Tina Turner thrown in.

Dolls: O_o wow, just, wow!

Dolls: Well, we are thrilled to be meeting some new characters in Clockwork Angel and reading more about you and your past in England. How long were you there?

Magnus: About fifty years.

Dolls: Have you lived other places besides New York and England?

Magnus: I’ve lived all over — I was born in the Dutch East Indies; I’ve lived in India, Russia, Spain, Brazil — you might as well ask where I haven’t been.

Dolls: What about these new characters can you share with us? Any super hot guys or girls Alec might be jealous over?

Magnus: Well, Camille, obviously, even for a vampire she was considered a great beauty — and there’s a certain werewolf, though you won’t meet him until Clockwork Prince, that Alec might not entirely have approved of — but really, I think the past oughtn’t to matter when you’re in a new relationship, don’t you?

*Dolls nod head in agreement but consider calling Alec for confirmation*

Dolls: Which sect of the downworlders would you say are your least favorite to deal with…weres, vampires, fae, shadowhunters, other sorcerers?

Magnus: Faeries. Dreadfully unreliable and you can’t trust anything they say even though they don’t lie.

Dolls: What do you really think about the nephilim and the shadowhunters?

Magnus: Some of them are quite attractive. It’s always a plus when your day job requires you to work out ten hours a day. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go make some calls, I just remembered something I wanted to tell someone.

Dolls: Ah, yeah, of course! We won’t take up any more of your time since we know how busy you are! Thank you so much for chatting it up with us, we’re honored by your dazzling presence! *we continue to be enthralled by Magnus’ eyes even after he leaves…wonder what kind of whammy he threw on us*
Magnus Bane is from author Cassandra Clare’s Mortal Instruments series and Internal Devices series, first in the series, Clockwork Angel, is due for release August 31st. Please visit Cassandra Clare for more news, excerpts, and releases at her website: http://cassandraclare.com/ For a chance to win a signed copy of Clare’s upcoming release Clockwork Angels and more fabulous prizes enter our Cassandra Clare MEGA Giveaway going on NOW!! Special thanks to Cassandra Clare for being such a good sport and allowing us the chance to “interview” the amazing Magnus Bane!


41 responses to “>Magnus Bane Character Interview

  1. >LOL- I love Magnus! He is one of those awesome characters (like Pam from CH's Sookieverse) that add so much to the series!This was so much fun! I want to know more about the werewolf he was involved with!HUGE thank you to Cassandra Clare for "allowing" us to interview her character!

  2. >Oh how I miss Magnus. He’s so cocky but in the most pleasant of ways…if that is at all possible. Thank you Dolls for posting this little chat with all him. I’m also excited for his anecdote about Napoleon and for this mysterious werewolf man to appear in Clockwork Prince!!-Ashley

  3. >Do you know, I think that whammy is still affecting me? Can’t stop thinking about Magnus’s eyes. Thank you so much Magnus for sharing….*whispers* we miss you!

  4. >ommigosh! This is so amazing!!!!!thank you so much I love Magnus cuz he reminds me adam lambert who i am in love with

  5. >Very cool interview. That is fun to have it with Magnus! Makes me want to hear from all of of the characters personally! 🙂 Thanks for sharing,Scoot

  6. >That was awesome! Magnus is one my favourite characters ever; he’s hilarious! Ah, can’t wait to read about him again in CWA and CoFA.

  7. >Hahaha, Magnus is hilarious. I’m so glad CC made him up and put him in her books. It makes me feel content to know that so many authors support gay rights.Also the picture is rather fitting for Magnus, good choice!

  8. >This is the greatest thing ever!! I love Magnus–my favorite character next to Jace (of course, lol). I love his proper manners and “darling”s :3 He’d be such a great person to spend a day with.

  9. >”I’m objectified enough already, darling.”LOL! I love, love, LOVE this interview! Great job! So excited for CA!

  10. >Magnus is SOO deliciously interesting. He is one of my top five favorite characters of all time. I squee’d so much when I saw this posted!

  11. >I love Magnus! "I like to think of myself as a combination of David Bowie and Rasputin. With some Tina Turner thrown in."I didn't know it was possible, but I love him even more after that line. 🙂

  12. >OMG, that was great! I LOVE Magnus and can't wait for MORE of him! What a fabulous character…

  13. >OMG i had so much fun reading it! this is absolutely hilarious! I love Magnus and i think that now i love him more then before (if this is possible)"I like to think of myself as a combination of David Bowie and Rasputin. With some Tina Turner thrown in."i can stop laughing omg xD

  14. >This is phenomenal. I sent the link to my friends and tweeted. Magnus is the newest Warlock celebrity.Actually, he's the first Warlock celebrity.Even better!

  15. >Love Magnus and this was such an awesome interview!

  16. >OMG, I loved it!I laughed out loud with this interview!Maguns rocks, he is so damn funny!!Especially in CoG!After Jace and Clary, he's one of my favorite characters in the TMI series!Gosh, the best answer was about the object! HAHAH! 🙂

  17. >Sorry, I misspelled Magnus name! 😡

  18. >Hehehe. Magnus is one of my favorites!! ❤ Loved the interview. :)The object answer is a fantastic one.

  19. >Just how I imagined a Magnus interview would go! Loved it! One of my fave characters of TMI!Alex @ http://morethanjustabook.blogspot.com

  20. >Oh how I love Magnus. I can't wait to see more of him in Clockwork Angel and City of Fallen Angels. I love his sense of humor, and how he dresses 🙂

  21. >Magnus is absolutely amazing. I love his sparkly fierce personality! He is never tragic!It's really sad to hear that Robert doesn't really approve of Magnus' relationship with Alec 😦 and OMG! Tina Turner is amazing!Wonderful interview ladies!!!

  22. >That rocked. I love Magnus.

  23. >Magnus: I like to think of myself as a combination of David Bowie and Rasputin. With some Tina Turner thrown in.Oh, wow indeed. David Bowie is so amazing, but the Rasputin thing is just a tad disturbing! :s

  24. >I've always pictured Magnus looking a lot like Adam Lambert. Magnus has to be one of the coolest literary characters ever!!!

  25. >Awesome interview!! *you rock, Magnus!!*love the David Bowie, Rasputin with Tina Turner combination! :pCan't wait to see what he's like in CA and more of him and Alec in COFA!

  26. >Hehe, this interview was so funny! I absoloutely love Magnus! I didn't release he was in Clockwork angel o_O????

  27. >LOVE the interview! As the interviewer, you captured the magic perfectly! Magnus would be so much fun to hang out with!!

  28. >OH GOD! Magnus is really funny!Alec made a good choice!I loved the interview!"I've lived in […] Brazil"I can imagine Magnus at the Carnival with all that glitter-and-feather thing! ROFLPS: David Bowie/Rasputin/Tina Turner? OMG! Serious?MAGNUS UR THE BEST! LMAO See ya later (at CA and CoFA LOL)

  29. >What an interesting character! I really need to read these books.

  30. >Thanks for dropping by Magnus!! I love the interview and the questions. It's always great to get to know a character a little more, especially when the character is the wondrous Magnus Bane.

  31. >magnus seemed kind of creepy when he was first introduced into the story. The more I got to know of him the better I liked him. This was a very cool interview. kjovus(at)gmail(dot)com

  32. >Ah, my most favorite character in the TMI books. Magnus Bane. When he was first introduced I thought he was going to be this ultra-hermit style wizard, but the fact that he was throwing parties was a bit odd.And there you have it! I loved the interview, especially the David Bowie/Rasputin/Tuna Turner part. *sigh*

  33. >Magnus: I'm objectified enough already, darling.That cracked me up!! I love Magnus. He's hilarious!!

  34. >zomg! ily, magnus, ily!also is it just me, or can anyone else totally see magnus wearing disco ball earrings?

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  37. >Magnus is one of my most favorite characters. Can't wait for Clockwork Angel! Great interview!

  38. >Magnus is amazing! I love this interview :] It gives you more insight on him other than in the books and also gives us something to look forward to! XD

  39. >hahahah I laughed a lot with this interview. It's pretty original and I love Magnus, it's a really rare character. Really loved your interview! *.*

  40. >He had a thing with Napoleon?! Haha, a great interview. I hope we'll be seeing him just as often in Cassie's other books.

  41. >Very cool x made my day x

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