>Chasing Kangaroos; Passport to Australia


Chasing Kangaroos: A Continent, a Scientist, and a Search for the World's Most Extraordinary Creature

Tim Flannery is one of the most celebrated scientists of our time. In his most personal book yet, he draws on a lifetime of travel, research, and field work to craft a love letter to his native Australia and its most unique inhabitant: the kangaroo. Crisscrossing the continent, Flannery shows us how the evolution of this extraordinary creature is inseparable from the environment that created it. Along the way he uses encounters with ancient aboriginal cultures and eccentric fossil hunters, farmers and scientists, kangaroo advocates and kangaroo hunters, to explore how Australia’s deserts and rain forests have shaped human responses to the continent—and how kangaroos have evolved to handle the resulting challenges. Chasing Kangaroos is a captivating blend of memoir, travel, natural history, and evolutionary science—and further proof of Flannery’s “offhand interdisciplinary brilliance” (Entertainment Weekly).

Tim Flannery has successfully acheived in writing a book that is both an educational look at Australia’s signature Kangaroo and other aussie critters, and also a memoir of a the author himself. Chasing Kangaroos takes the author to searing deserts, lush rain forests and stark mountain ranges in search of kangaroos past and present, large and small. He stalks the giant Procoptodon goliah, a potbellied 280-pounder with a strangely humanlike skull that bounded across ice-age Australia, and cradles in his hands the darling little banded hare wallaby, a threatened species that he tries to reintroduce to the wild.

2 responses to “>Chasing Kangaroos; Passport to Australia

  1. >I want to go to Australia so badly!

  2. >Me too!!!!! One day…

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