>Rachel Caine’s Morganville on screen?


We want a Morganville TV series or Film!!!
Yes lovers, thats right. For those of you who are Rachel Caine minions (like Day and Desi) you probably already know about the option to make Morganville Vampires into a film or TV series, for everyone else…this news is for you! Yesterday evening Rachel released her fabulous newsletter and included in the newsletter was the request for fans to sign a petition asking for a show to be made. Here is the blurb from the letter:

Petition for Film or TV!
It’s coming down to the wire, my friends … if you’d like to see a Morganville Vampires film or TV show, I need some help from you! It’s important for the producers who’ve optioned Morganville to be able to show studios that there’s a strong fan presence behind this series, so if you don’t mind, please take a moment to put your name on this petition and show your support.

Get Your Morganville Bling!
Also don’t forget that our dear friend Jewelry designer Janet Cadsawan has created pieces inspired by Morganville like the Amelie bracelet, and Eve Dragon necklace. Visit her website HERE or by clicking the link on our right hand side bar to see all of Janet’s amazing book inspired pieces.

So what are we waiting for? Click on the link and sign the petition and lets help bring Morganville to the screen (big or small). Signing the petition litterally takes seconds, so you have no excuse!


6 responses to “>Rachel Caine’s Morganville on screen?

  1. >Morganville would make a great tv series. (I would say movie but thats only 2 hours of pleasure, a whole season of morganville would be awesome)

  2. >I absolutely agree! It's like the mob and vampires and magic all meshed together!

  3. >I think taht tehy should do it as a TV show, and really hope they don't totally mess around with it like Vampire Diaries. I love the books by L.J Smith, but one they started showing the series, they totally added/deleted characters, changed some of the plots. It was bad.

  4. >oops, spelling probs. "that" "they", lol

  5. >Psykhee22- You are absolutely right! More times than not, the film adaptations don't live up to the books. But, I think of series like True Blood, that is SO different from Charlaine Harris' books and am reminded how many people were introduced to the books through the show. I think more recognition is always a good thing for authors;)

  6. >wonderful, hopefully, it comes out wellmaidenhealer@hotmail.com

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