Well it is finally here! Mockingjay is officially on the shelves at bookstores across the world. While everyone is totally immersed and consumed with the book, we have the rsults of our Mockingjay Poll…

 Who should Katniss Everdeen end up with?
Peeta. He’s always loved her and puts her first.
100 (71%)
Gale. They are best friends and he knows who she is.
31 (22%)
Haymitch. Who cares if he’s a bit older? They get each other.
2 (1%)
Finnick. They are both survivors and can bond over their losses.
6 (4%)
Cinna. If he survives. He is a great listener.
4 (2%)
No one. Katniss is too damaged for a relationship.
27 (19%)
Votes: 140
So, it looks like
Peeta Mellark

is our winner!!

It will be interesting to see if our voters were were right.
Now for the fun stuff. While we are busy devouring our copy, we want you to enjoy the first chapter of Mockingjay being read by the author herself.
And the trailer for Mockingjay…
Happy Reading!!!


  1. >Can't wait to hear what Day thinks! Hope everyone is enjoying their books……*Sits and waits for Day's review*

  2. >I think I should fly away to another planet. Then maybe I will feel slightly better.Mockingjay will release in OCTOBER in my country!!*sob*

  3. >YAY!!! Peeta won the poll!That was fun!

  4. >SO fantastic I can not wait!!!!

  5. >EEEKK! I love the videos and seeing what everyone thinks will happen in Mockingjay! Go Team Peeta! 🙂

  6. >Been avoiding all my favourite book blogs like the plague until I finally finished reading Mockingjay today!Glad to see Peeta won the poll!

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