>Live D*C Update – Day Meets Some Die Hard Dragon*Conners – the Dragon Condors!


Day meets the Dragon*Condors!

Persephone, Hades, Ms. Spite, Requiem

Dragon Con Saturday 
This morning I got up and ready to go meet a special author for breakfast (story soon to come) then planned to watch the costume parade. Before getting to the Hyatt (where we were to meet) I met some veteran D*Con goers. Two kind women from New Orleans informed me that they have been attending D*C since the beginning and have only missed one (due to a little thing called Katrina). These die-hard fans plan their whole year around D*C looking forward to the various panels and volunteering to work the con as well. 
That got me thinking about others motivation for attending Dragon*Con, what about the people with the elaborate costumes and makeup…what is it that attracts them? Just then my eyes focused on two really interesting looking girls (that’s the thing about D*C I’m easily distracted by all there is to see). One was wearing a beautiful Moroccan looking outfit with a sash and antique looking weapon and her face was beautifully made up, the other was equally beautiful with an incredible hat and dressed in the steampunk fashion. So, like any other non-costume wearing Con goer I asked to take their pictures. I soon discovered how cool and interesting they were and decided to interview them and their male companions (and fellow costume wearing con goers).
Meet Requiem, Ms. Spite, Hades, and Persephone, an amazing steampunk foursome that LOVES Dragon*Con-

I am here with some Dragon*Condors and this is their second D*C and they come mainly to geek out and to express themselves with costume, and they have a lot of fun!
I’m with Requiem who is dressed as a gothic Catholic Priest and Ms. Spite who is Captain Nemo and then I have Hades and his wife Persephone – Hades is dressed as a Steampunk Vampire hunter, while Persephone is dressed up as a steampunk vampire slayer.

Day: So have you guys always been into this culture?

Persephone: Like Steampunk?

Day: The whole thing, I mean Steampunk is making a a new comeback but in general…

Requiem: I’ve spent my entire life being accused of being a vampire…

Day: really?

Ms.Spite: Well, they’re both from the same small little tiny mountain town so everybody who’s a little weird gets …looks

Requiem: Everybody’s superstitious there, I’ve always had dark hair, dark features, my mom is practically Wednesday Adam’s grown up.

Day: So, small little mountain town?

Requiem: …in North Carolina

Day: Wow… and you gals?

Ms. Spite: I’m from California and she’s from Michigan. I wander around a lot and I ended up in North Carolina and I dated him (Requiem) so I’m stuck there now.

Day: and I’m stuck in Texas…yeah, don’t get me started! Wrangler butts are only cute in movies.

Ms. Spite

*Everyone laughs*

Ms. Spite: I got into the culture in college, because I was kind of a theater geek and just a geek in general my whole life, I was always talking too much, I was the kid going around saying “Well Actually…” So, when I was in college, I sort of started putting some pieces together. You know, It was the 90’s so everything was goth and everyone walked around saying you’re a “Goth” since they were a bunch of hippies, so they didn’t understand an angry girl in black and I was this Suzie Sue for a while and said no I’m not! Then I was like, Ok, I’m a goth, I’ll just go with it, I give up…

Day: So what about [the rest] of you, people accused you and your fellow small town North Carolinian…?

Requiem: Me and him [Hades] just kind of banded together in high school, as Freshmans, oddly enough we were taking Bible History classes, it was kind of Ironic, to say the least.

Hades: Vampires taking Bible history studies.


Requiem: If its gonna be spit at ya’ you better know it.

Hades: But her and I we met actually, because of D*C, we were friended on D*C music, she found me ..

Persephone: ..on My Space, and we started chatting, and we hit it off, and it was kind of actually eerie, I consider him my soulmate, and we started talking, and he came up to Michigan to visit me, and then we’ve been together ever since.

Day: That’s really cool! So, 07′ was your first Dragon*Con…

Hades/Requiem/Ms. Spite: It was ours.

Persephone: This is my first D*C.

Day: Oh wow! So you’ve just been really interested in the culture and everything…so what do you think?

Persephone: I love it! Its so interesting its a little overwhelming actually at first.

Day: Sometimes It can be! its distracting too sometimes…

Persephone: It is! There’s so much going on at once.

Day: I was actually interviewing an author this morning, and some of these belly dancers were practicing, as we’re eating and I’m like ADD! And there was like this long pause between questions as I watched her dancing and thought….is she…? yeah.



Ms. Spite: Its kind of a mash-pot of a little bit of everything.

Day: It is!

Ms. Spite: Which is lovely about it because there isn’t much of that anymore.

Hades: …and you do feel at home here being there’s nerds and geeks and dorks everywhere, so I mean, whenever you go back home, where your not pretty much accepted….I mean, its like a big group hug, I love it.

Requiem: We come here and its ok that we’re “that way”, we go back home, and we go back to our humdrum lives of trying to hide it so we’re socially acceptable.

Day: So, where do you live now?

Requiem: I still live in my home town in North Carolina

Hades/Persephone: Michigan.

Day: So you [Ms. Spite] moved to where he [Requiem] lives, and you [Hades] moved to where she [Persephone] lives. Very cool!

Day: Aside from the cultures are there books or television shows or movies that attract you?


Ms. Spite: I think we were a lot more into it before we had really busy lives, he has a band, and stuff like that, so things have been really busy for us the last several years. Of course, I was raised on Star Trek 3pm every day after school, and thats just where I started getting into it… I was just fascinated about everything about it, went to young scientist camp, got beat up for being a geek all the time, got picked on for being different, so you know, you just go and hide.
You like certain things, I love the physics of Star Trek, and a lot of the Sci-Fi stuff. As it expands somebody introduces you to anime, and the next thing you know you’re watching through that, and then its one thing on top of the other. I got introduced to Steampunk about four years ago wasn’t it?

Hades: Longer than that, probably about six for you….

Ms. Spite: But I started telling him [Hades] because he loves to make stuff, he’s a maker….he likes to craft and paint…

Day: Did you make your glasses and things?

Hades: I just “mod” this, but what I wore yesterday, and what I’m wearing tomorrow – I made everything.

Day: well, I will definitely have to meet up with you all tomorrow and see your costumes! Thank you so much for taking the time to chat and share your D*C experience with our followers, enjoy Dragon*Con!

Day will be bringing you more from D*C – things will just be getting crazier and crazier!
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Also – it’s Day’s birthday today, so drop by and wish her a Happy Birthday!

2 responses to “>Live D*C Update – Day Meets Some Die Hard Dragon*Conners – the Dragon Condors!

  1. >Day, it looks likes you are having a wonderful time…Make sure to get a pic of yourself in costume! 😉

  2. >These guys were awesome people! I hope to meet them again at a future con!

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