>The Journey Continues…Catching up with Teresa!


Today it’s All About – Rejections

Rejections come in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes you get short ones that say thanks but no thanks, other times you get longer responses that say a little something and some you may not hear back at all.

In my short experience I’ve seen two. The short one came from an agent I hadn’t met, I’d learned about her in a Writer’s Digest. Her response to my query was short and to the point. “Thanks for your query but this isn’t quite right for me. I wish you success in finding the perfect agent for it.” My other rejection came from an agent I’d met at the writing conference I attended. “Thank you so much for sending us your query. Unfortunately, this project is not right for us. Good luck with all your publishing endeavors.”

Both as you can see where polite and straight forward. Was I disappointed? Of course, but rejection happens in this world. Your story isn’t going to be the right fit for everyone. Besides, right now, I have a fifty/fifty record… Well now that it’s been a month since originally wrote this article, I’ve received three more rejections. Two of the new ones were short and sweet, in fact I received one of them over the weekend. The third was the one I was hoping I’d get a bite with. Not so much. It made my husband tell me to stop working on Legacy for a while. I was bummed and yes I cried. Needless to say I listened to my husband and worked on something else. I’m still bummed but I stopped crying (that day) and I’ve been working on both Little Boy Blue and Legacy.

So I’m looking at things this way I’m on my way to the best fit for me, because you/ I have to stay positive otherwise you won’t find an agent or editor. One of the comments I heard at the writing conference was “you’ll get thirty rejections before you find the right agent.” While I hope I don’t get thirty rejections I keep that number in mind at all times. You’re not the only writer getting rejections. I’m sure Stephen King got a few and look at where he’s at today. Rejections are a writer’s Yellow Brick Road. We have to travel it to find the Wizard, it’s long and can have Witches (obstacles) but the end is wondrous.


Find out more about Teresa and her journey to publication on her site Wicked Cool Flight

As always, the Dolls would like to thank Teresa for sharing her journey to publication with us – we are with you every step of the way!


3 responses to “>The Journey Continues…Catching up with Teresa!

  1. >Thank you for sharing T!We need to get you some Ruby Slippers for traveling that Yellow brick road!xoxo

  2. >Don't worry about rejection. Many of the finest of writers met almost nothing but rejection when they started out. There's an old phrase–"paying your dues"–that sums up the situation exactly.

  3. >Thanks for sharing your story! Im also on the journey to publication so it really helped to read someone elses' experiences! You have a wonderful, positive attitude that I need to shamelessly copy. I can't wait to see your books published 🙂

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