>"Lie To Me" by: David Martin


Lie to MeLie To Me
by David Martin
Jonathan and Mary Gaetan were the essence of elegance. He was a powerful businessman; she was beautiful, sexy & young. Then, in a night of terror, a madman broke into their suburban Washington mansion. When it was over, Jonathan Gaetan lay dead and mutilated in a bathtub of his own blood. Mary told the police nothing about an intruder. Instead, she claimed her husband had killed himself.

Detective Teddy Camel used to be known as the human lie detector, until too much liquor and too many regrets did the machine in. Now Teddy is on the Gaetan case, obsessed by Mary’s allure and the truth that he knows she is not telling. What happened in that house? Teddy is determined to find out–even if the truth is too horrifying to speak…
“It’s not the secrets that hurt, it’s when the secrets get told…”

I feel like I need to put a warning on this review similar to Law & Order SVU’s opening line…*cue Law & Order pings* “In the criminal justice system, sexually based offenses are considered especially heinous….” But, this book is more than just a story of catching the demented killer. Like Silence of The Lambs & Rules of Prey, this story deals with crimes and issues that are of a particularly heinous and gruesome nature. The portrayal of an abused young man who has grown up in and out of the prison system and is now an insane serial killer is mind blowing. If this book was a movie I’d have been watching it with my hands covering my eyes. As it was already, I couldn’t muster up the courage to read the book after dark or before bed because I didn’t want the details from the story making any cameos in my dreams.

Lie to Me, is an incredibly terrifying, psychological thriller. Like an accident on the side of the road that you can’t keep from looking at, this book is both creepy and enthralling. Just when you think you have an idea on where the author is going with the plot, he surprises you with the actions of his characters, leaving you unsure of what only moments ago you were certain. Readers will think to themselves “surely he isn’t going to go there…” then Martin walks right up to the line and jumps over it with ballsy precision proving “Oh yes he did just go there!”. The pace of the story was so intense and the characters and plot were equally driven. I found myself on an adrenalin high, rushing to the finish! 

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