>SPECIAL: Character Interview with Myrnin from Rachel Caine’s Morganville series


A guest from Rachel Caine’s Morganville Vampires 
We are very excited about our guest today, in fact, Day is practically breathing into a brown paper bag to get her “fan girly” excitement contained! Please welcome the creative (and slightly insane) genius of Morganville…Myrnin!

Dolls-Welcome Myrnin! Hate to ask, but have you taken your medication today?

Myrnin- Of course. I tend to take several days at once. It’s more efficient that way. Although the side effects can be … interesting. (Also, if you have not yet enjoyed the wonderful fan video “Meds” featuring, well, *me*, and done by the lovely MissPhoenix05, you may watch it here…now…go on, I’ll wait.)

Myrnin- Excellent, wasn’t it? Where was I? Oh yes. Next question, please.

Dolls- We didn’t get to see much of you in Kiss of Death due to the road trip that Claire and company went on…what have you been up to lately?

Myrnin- I have been very deeply involved in repairing the mess — well intentioned or not — that Claire and her friends have made of our well-oiled little experiment …er, town. Let me tell you, having a bad day is one thing; having a bad day while the Founder of Morganville demands to know what progress you’ve made is quite another thing altogether.

Oh, and I went shopping. That was quite terrifying. Now I know why Claire always looks so … bothered, when I ask her to do it for me.

Dolls- We know how hard it was for you to have to destroy Ada. You must have really cared for her…do you think you will ever care for another again?

(uncomfortable silence)
Myrnin- I doubt anyone can ever replace Ada, either in the role of defender of Morganville, or in … other ways. One does try to accept the inevitable, but … it isn’t always simple. And many times I wake and think that she’s not — well. We’ll just leave it at that, I think.

Dolls- Claire seems to have grown a lot, are you surprised by how bright she is at such a young age?

Myrnin- To be honest, I never thought the child would survive it. She was such a small thing, very fragile. I was almost certain that I would, you know, forget myself one day and poof, no more Claire. But she’s proven surprisingly resourceful. I do wish she’d focus more on her alchemical studies, and less on that young man Shane, but what can you do? Humans. So … hormonal.

Dolls- What is your honest opinion on Shane and Claires relationship?

Myrnin- Oh, he’s all right, I suppose. As long as he stays out of my lab, and doesn’t take up too much of Claire’s time, I suppose I shall allow it. But the next time young Sir White Knight comes charging into MY home with an attitude, I may have to change my mind. Again.

Dolls- So, have you always liked spiders or is Bob (the pet spider) special, and why the name Bob?

Myrnin- Oh, I love spiders! Very useful things, spiders. Quite remarkable. And hardly ever fatal, really — not like some of my colleagues, I’m afraid.

Bob is quite smart, you know. I’ve taught him a number of tricks, including jumping, hunting, and spinning webs in the patterns of Victorian lace. Or at least, I think I taught him that. It’s possible I don’t really remember what lace looks like.

But we go jumping and hunting together often. Oh, don’t tell Claire that. She might be … disturbed.

Dolls- You’ve been around a long time, who is the most interesting person you’ve ever met?

Myrnin- Met, or, you know … (mimes vampire fangs in neck) …?

Well, we’ll go with met, then. I suppose I’d have to say Ada’s father, George Gordon Noel, the 6th Baron Byron. Or, as he’s more familiarly known, Lord Byron. Quite the rock star, Byron. I rather enjoyed our little storytelling sessions with his friends, including that lovely Shelley woman, and Dr. — oh, what’s his name? Polidori. Interesting fellow, too.

Now THOSE were some dinner parties.

Dolls- Other than Morganville, where else have you lived? Any favorite places?

Myrnin- I quite enjoyed my villa on the coast of Atlantis. (pause) Yes, I’m kidding. No one could afford villas. It was more like a very small cottage.

I’ve always been partial to Wales. Cardiff, especially.

Dolls- Was Amelie’s decision to make Oliver her “second” a surprise to you and how do you feel about Oliver?

Myrnin- It was more of a surprise to me that Oliver actually accepted the offer. I thought he’d come to stage an all-out war with her, and I was rather looking forward to seeing him finally get what he deserved … but tactically I thought Amelie, as always, was brilliant. Giving Oliver responsibility was the worst possible punishment, especially when so many of those he has to deal with are … human.

Oliver and I have a long history, much like our respective native countries. And it’s almost as bloody and angry. So no, I’m not likely to be throwing Oliver any birthday parties. Or inviting him to mine.

If I remembered when mine was, of course. *grins*

Dolls- So…what’s with the bunny slippers?

Myrnin- The slippers are extremely comfortable! Truthfully, I have no idea where I got them; there have been some years of my life recently that are a bit of a blur. Suffice to say that one morning I woke up wearing a scarlet silk kimono, a fez, and bunny slippers with fangs. There may have been some sort of ukelele involved, too.

On the up side, there wasn’t any indication that they were someone else’s bunny slippers.

Dolls- What is your greatest fear?

Myrnin- Haggis.

No, I’m wrong, that was my greatest fear until recently. Now, it’s … being alone. Losing the ones that I’ve started to think of as … mine. I’m not used to having a family, or at least, friends. That’s really quite alarming.

Dolls- If you have a choice, what type of music would you listen to?

Myrnin- I suppose a good vampire would say something sinister, like “The helpless screams of my victims,” but alas, I’ve never been a very good vampire in that way.

I suppose I’d listen to what Claire’s recently given me … rock! I think she’s dismayed how much I enjoy Mr. Elvis.

Dolls- You never cease to surprise Myrnin, are there any new inventions you are working on?

*shifty looks*
Myrnin- Absolutely not. Nothing at all. No, don’t look at that table. It’s nothing, just a few spare parts that I’m throwing together. No, that is DEFINITELY not a brain in a jar. Move along dolls…

Dolls- What are you currently reading? Do you have any favorite books?

Myrnin- I read constantly, but unfortunately I’m only up to the new releases for 1896. I hope to be caught up soon. I hear that Bram Stoker novel Dracula is fascinating, but I don’t think this vampire literature trend will last too long, do you?

Oh, 1896 was a long time ago, wasn’t it? I suppose the trend caught on, then.

Dolls- What traits do you admire in a woman and/or man?

Myrnin- Intelligence, of course. Cleverness. And the ability to dodge very quickly, and provide donuts. All very useful skills.

Dolls- Is there a particular trait that you possess that you would change if you were given the opportunity?

*pause for thought*
Myrnin- I believe … this is going to sound odd, but I suppose I would change my vampirism. It’s certainly useful, all this not-dying, but there are times … times I wish I didn’t have that burden. Silly, I know.

I suppose it’s significant that I didn’t say that I wished I was more stable. I consider my instability to be the core of my long-term survival, actually.

Dolls- What is your motto?

Myrnin- Malum quidem nullum esse sine aliquo bono. Roughly translated, it means “There is, to be sure, no evil without something good.”

Dolls- Well Myrnin, we know how busy you are (or aren’t) and will let you get back to your work. Thank you so much so chatting with us, it was quite the pleasure!

Myrnin- Delightful to meet you as well. Oh, would you mind helping me out with a little experiment? … Why do you look so nervous? Oh, I promise, there have only been two — no, three — slight accidents with … wait! Come back!

*shouts* CLAIRE! I need you!

*Dolls jet out of the lab and sprint far far away*

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Paperback Dolls wish to thank Rachel Caine for allowing us the opportunity to have some fun with Myrnin. We hope you all enjoyed the fun interview as much as we did. Now, go pre-order your copy of Ghost Town…what are ya waiting for? 🙂


26 responses to “>SPECIAL: Character Interview with Myrnin from Rachel Caine’s Morganville series

  1. >What a fun interview! I can't wait to jump into the next book. Myrnin is definitely one of my favorite characters, even when he is unstable.

  2. >Aww, what he said about losing Ada. :("Humans. So….hormona." xD LMAOOh Gosh the bunny slippers, I want a pair of them. :DProvide donuts?? LOL A very useful skill, indeed. Fun interview there Dolls. 🙂 I loved it!!

  3. >Loved the interview Dolls !!!Myrin is one of my fav characters with his nerotic attitude and sometimes carefree nature he does the books well. As for the bunny slippers. !! Love it !! Made me giggle in the books 😉 *raises eyebrows** he must have purchased them on one of is off dayss no meds lol.. Really enjoying the Morganville vampire series ) and cant wait for Ghost town !! Thanks dolls for a fun interview !!kat 🙂

  4. >Great interview!! I really just love Myrnin, he’s like the Joker meets The Nutty Professor. 🙂

  5. >I love Myrnin!!! I want Claire to fall in love with him…he needs her:)Fantastic Character interview! You dolls have covered my 2 favorite YA characters now with M&M=Magnus and Myrnin! Love it! thank you!

  6. >MYRNIN, Do you know I love you?:)Seriously though, BIG Thank you to Rachel Caine for doing the character interview and sharing Myrnin with us;) Ghost Town was really great and I can’t wait for everyone to read it!

  7. >Oh Myrnin, you’re my favorite! Hope to find out what more of what you’ve been up to in GHOST TOWN!You’re awesome Rachel Caine & Paperback dolls for this fun & creative interview.

  8. >"Humans. So … hormonal."I love EVERYTHING about this. Amazing!

  9. >Myrnin that was an awesome interview (and I surely hope the Dolls are okay, I wouldn't want Claire to have that talk with you again.What a brilliant way to wake up!

  10. >Loved it so much. It was fangtastic!!!

  11. >Such a fun interview – these types always make me giggle – Thank you for the great questions – now lets make sure I can meet his traits he admires in a woman – – -bleumoon

  12. >Read this at the office and got lots of weird stares at all the chuckles coming from my desk! LOVED it XD

  13. >Oh I love Myrnin…I enjoy character interviews, we get to learn a little more about them.

  14. >What a fun interview. Love that he's afraid of Haggis – I am too – YUCK!

  15. >What a treat! This made my day. Thanks for this post. I love Myrnin.

  16. >I really enjoyed this post. You have a great sense of humor.Oh, I love spiders too. :)dorcontest at gmail dot com

  17. >That was on awesome character interview! I loved it! Myrnin always makes me laugh! He's a great character. One of my favorites! I'm so excited I got to read this. I'll have to show my sister now who also loves the Morganville series.

  18. >Thank you so much!! I always enjoy reading character interviews

  19. >I love these type of posts, they are also so much fun and really grab your attention for the book — great work guyscontestmom AT hotmail DOT com

  20. >Myrnin!!!!!! I love him! And great interview, it was so much fun to read!

  21. >Awesome interview! Myrnin is my favourite character in this series and very happy to hear that he plays a significant role in Ghost Town. I love this series and can’t wait for Ghost Town to come out!

  22. >What is The song in the video ?Btw : In the first picture is Lestat from the movie Queen Of the Damned ?/

  23. >Wonderful fun. Very excited for the book!

  24. >Hi Pinkstuff28 The song is by Placebo and is titled "Meds". I am aware that the still is Lestat, but I thought it worked rather well for Myrnin and Rachel Caine said she LOVED it too so…I went with it.

  25. >David Tennant seems perfect for the role of Myrnin! I really hope that Rachel Caine writes a whole book about Myrnin xD

  26. >What a fantastic interview with Myrnin. It is so kool to get to know Myrnin on a personal level. Looking forward to reading what Myrnin is up to in Ghost Town.

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