>Fairy Tale Week: Shiloh Walker- Fairy Tale Q&A


The First Book of Grimm (Grimm's Circle)Once upon a mission…
Candy Houses
Now that Greta is a Grimm—guardian angel and official paranormal ass-kicker—romance is hard to find. There’s only one man who makes her heart race, a fact that scared her right out of his arms. But now she needs a hand.

The last woman Rip expected to see on this dangerous mission is the one who rejected his love. Faced with a danger neither of them saw coming, the question is which is the greater danger—the one threatening their lives, or their hearts?

No Prince Charming
With days spent trolling for demons and nights with a sometime lover, Elle thinks she’s finally gotten over her so-called Prince Charming. But now, on the eve of her most dangerous mission, he’s back—the man who broke her heart.

Michael jumped at the chance to become a Grimm, though he knew Elle would never forgive him. It looks like she’s doing just fine without him, but he’s ready to use every weapon in his not-so-charming arsenal to save her, if necessary. Kill for her, live for her, die for her…

Warning: Dark, sexy, a little bit scary—these twisted fairy tales are only for grownups and are best saved for bedtime.

We asked Shiloh to answer a few questions and being the awesome person she is, she agreed!
Beauty and the Beast (Special Platinum Edition)Favorite fairytale?
Beauty and the Beast…definitely.
Fairytale you never liked?
Hmmm… I don’t know, I tend to like most fairy tales. Snow White wasn’t ever one of my favorites, but I can’t say I hate it. There are some that are downright disturbing-again, can’t say I don’t like them, but they are disturbing, like The Girl Without Hands.

Chief characteristic in Fairy tale hero and heroine you most admire?

Snow White and the Seven DwarfsHe’s got to love his lady-in the end, if he doesn’t love his lady, he’s not much of a hero. And I always admired Beauty-heroine who saw past the monstrous exterior.

If you could choose to change one fairy tale which would it be and how?
Oh, I can’t choose just one-that’s the fun of what I do-I change them all-all the time. One that I’m going to be bastardizing down the road is an earlier version of Snow White so if just one, that, but I can’t say how.

Most evil fairytale character?
Hmmm, ever read the story of The Girl without Hands? The miller in that story? Pretty evil

You wake up in a fairytale – who are you and which fairytale is it?
With my luck, it would be The Girl Without Hands…and I’m the miller’s daughter. She’s the girl without hands.

Please check out Shiloh’s blog for more information and don’t forget to pick up a copy of The First Book of Grimm available NOW (great Christmas gift for booklovers)



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