>Tween reviews: Great middle grade books to inspire the Holiday spirit!

>Hi everyone. Last weekend I got swept away by the holiday spirit. Maybe it was the smells from thanksgiving cooking, or the fact that we had a fire going in the living room…whatever it was, I wanted to curl up on the couch and read. And read I did. But, I was feeling so full of holiday cheer that I wanted to read to my little brother and have a memorable moment so, I pulled out a Christmas book that I read a few years ago and began to read it my brother.

On Christmas Eve (Apple Signature Edition)

Eight-year-old Tess is convinced this is the year she will finally meet Santa and experience the “Christmas magic.” She also wishes with all her heart that her best friend’s ill father will recover. Tess’s faith in the season results in a Christmas Eve so wondrous, so sparkling, readers won’t be able to help but feel transformed. Like trimming the tree and “It’s a Wonderful Life”; baking cookies and “White Christmas”; ON CHRISTMAS EVE is sure to bring new holiday magic to readers’ lives.

On Christmas Eve is magical. I forgot how much I liked this book. It is full of all the things that pull at the heart strings and make you want to say “I Believe”. Like the movie Miracle on 34th St, this story inspires people to be filled with the spirit of giving unselfishly. We had so much fun reading this on Friday that Saturday afternoon my little brother popped pop corn and brought me another book to read.

A First Christmas; Friends and Festivity: Book Two of the Everlasting and Fantastical Adventures of Elannah and SamBeyond the half-sleep lies a land of dreams where anything can happen….

Join Elannah and Sam as they drift off happily into the fantastical world of their dreams where they visit Rodger the Badger and the Bridge Troll for some festive fun…or so they think…until ….

“Well” Rodger said, “The Twelve Toed Ugly Troll never did celebrate Christmas”

“Never celebrated Christmas!?” Sam exclaimed incredulously, a look of such bewilderment on his face. All thoughts of missing presents were forgotten. “That’s not possible! What about his friends and family?”

“The Bridge Troll never knew his parents and, until the night of the fireworks, he has never had anyone to call a friend”

“This is not good.” Elannah stated thoughtfully. She mused for a second and then announced, “Let’s throw him a Christmas party, not just any Christmas party, but rather the best party there has ever been. We will make up for all the missing Christmases in this one night!”

From a harmless snowball fight to a terrifying tumble down the side of a mountain, a trek through the Mines of Abundance and the Magical Night Flower Garden. Will these traveling companions manage to gather the perfect ingredients to amaze and astound the Twelve Toed Ugly Troll!?

A First Christmas; Friends and Festivity: (Book Two of the Everlasting and Fantastical Adventures of Elannah and Sam) is a new book in the middle grade series by Sean Noonan. Unlike “On Christmas Eve”, I had not previously read this book, so it was a new adventure for me as well as my brother. This story is similar to The Magic Tree House books and just like I enjoyed those stories, I had fun reading this one too. This is definitely a series type of book with fun characters and it also has cute little drawings by the authors children (the inspiration for Ellanah & Sam). When we finished this story my little brother was inspired to write his own Christmas book with pictures.
We had such a great time and are looking forward to doing it again this weekend. Don’t you just love how books can bring people together? Even kids that usually bicker like me and my brother were overcome with the desire to come together because of these books. I guess books just have that power…like music…it can change your mood and outlook on things. Even if it’s just for an afternoon or two.;)

~Happy Holidays

Learn more about Sean Noonan’s Everlasting and Fantastical Adventure series HERE
Learn more about Ann M/ Martin HERE

A First Christmas was provided to PBD by the author


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