>Character Interview with Riley Blackthorne from the NEW "Demon Trapper’s Daughter" YA series!


The Demon Trapper's Daughter
One of the books we at Paperback Dolls are most excited about this year is the new YA series by Jana Oliver “The Demon Trapper’s Daughter”. With its great world building and wonderful characters we wanted to introduce you to the demon trapper’s daughter herself in this fun character interview.

Dolls- Hi Riley! We are so excited to have you visiting Paperback Dolls! So tell us, what is it like growing up in your Atlanta and being a teenage girl that traps Demons?

Riley- Hi! I was born in Chicago, but my folks moved here when I was small. I guess Atlanta was really cool but things began to change in 2010 when the economy went bad. Now the city’s bankrupt so things are screwed up.The traffic is a mess because people keep stealing the traffic signals (you can get a lot of money for metal right now) and there are fewer parking places (the city turns them into “retail shopping opportunities”). Most of all, I really like Centennial Park. The Terminus Market is there and it’s this medieval bazaar sort of place where you can buy almost anything.
Being a girl and a demon trapper don’t go together sometimes. I can’t wear cool clothes because they just get trashed (ever tried to get demon pee out of your jeans? Doesn’t work. Just fades the denim like bleach. The kids at school think I’m too strange to hang with.Well, except my friend Peter. He’s good with what I do.Most of the time. When I come to class with another demon wound he’s not so good with that.

Dolls- Have you always wanted to trap Demons like your dad, if not, what would you want to do with your life?

Riley- When I was little I figured I’d be a teacher, which makes sense as both my parents were teachers (my dad taught history, mom taught math). I didn’t know a thing about demons and Hell and all that until Dad lost his job.When he first became a demon trapper I wasn’t really sure if that was a good thing or not. He got hurt a lot.When he made master trapper that was really cool because that’s a really big deal.

After my mom died I decided I wanted to trap too. My dad said no way. He wouldn’t even talk about it for ages until I finally wore him down. Finally he helped me get my apprentice license, mostly to shut me up. He thinks I’ll see how dangerous it is and quit. Not happening. I’m pretty good at it, but the little demons (the only kind I’m allowed to trap right now) are way cunning. I’ll get better and some day I’ll be a master just like he is.

Dolls- Is it difficult being the only girl trapping demons?

Riley- Sure is. The guys in the Guild (they aren’t going to be reading this, are they?) come in two kinds: the ones that think I’m okay and jerks who are sure a girl can’t do this kind of thing. Those just stare at my chest all the time like it’s the first time they’ve seen breasts or something.I just ignore them.

Dolls- What kinds of things do you do for fun? Friends, hangouts…?

Riley- Since we don’t’ have a lot of money I stay home, do my homework and talk to my friend Peter on the phone. But mostly I go to school and trap demons. Oh, and I hit the ‘Grounds Zero’ coffee house any time I can afford it. They have the most amazing hot chocolate and their cookies rock.

Dolls- We read in ‘Retro Demonology’ about people in your Atlanta that like to live in nostalgic decades, what decade would you choose to live in if you could?

Riley- Yeah, some folks act like it’s the 1950s or the 60s. They decorate their homes and talk like it was that time period. Weird, huh? It’s going to sound strange, but I’d just like to go back to when my mom was alive and when both the ’rents had jobs. Back to when the city had money for libraries and schools, and everybody had something to look forward to. We did stuff together, like go out to eat and see movies. Now it’s all work and school.

Dolls- What about dating? Do you have a boyfriend or a guy you are interested in? 😉

Riley- No boyfriend. That’s sad, isn’t it? The last guy I dated was nice but we just weren’t into each other. However… (you promise no one from the Trappers Guild is going to read this?) There’s a really cute apprentice in the Guild (his name is Simon) and he has these gorgeous blue eyes and bright blond hair. Makes him look like a model or something. I know, I’m not supposed to be checking out guys during the Guild meetings, but he’s hot. Not that I can tell him that of course. He’s probably got a girlfriend anyway. Beck’s good looking, but his mouth gets in the way most of the time. That guy has a ton of at-ti-tude. And he thinks he knows it all, so he’s definitely not dating material for me.

Dolls- Sounds like there is at least some eye candy to enjoy at the Guild! We will try to keep this from their eyes! Now, tell us…after a long day or night of trapping demons what does a girl do to decompress?

Riley- A shower with strawberry body wash to get rid the icky demon smell. Polish doesn’t stay on my fingernails very long (the demon pee takes it right off) so sometimes I’llpaint my toenails. I’ll read or watch a little television.

Dolls- With book destroying demons running amok it probably makes reading hard, that being said do you have a favorite book or maybe music that you enjoy?

Riley- Here’s a big surprise: I like stories about girls who take on big, bad monsters and actually win. Doesn’t matter if those monsters are vampires, werewolves, zombies or what. And if there’s a hunky guy by her side – win-win!My mom had me read the Harry Potter books when I was a kid. I really loved Hermione. She’s incredible.Wouldn’t it be cool to be able to do magic like that? 

Music? I’m into some of the older stuff—Alter Bridge, Newton Faulkner and Peter Bradley Adams. A new band I’ve found is the Gnarly Scalenes. They’re pretty out there. My dad loves the old Buffy the Vampire Slayer shows and we watched those every now and then. Gotta love a girl who can stake vamps and still look great doing it. And I know, you’re going to ask about that new Demonland television show. It’s so stupid. They’ve got this girl running around in a tiny skirt and high heels trying to kill demons. Do. Not. Get. Me. Started.

Dolls- Yes, Hermione rocks! Do you have any advice for young girls out there that are looking at pursuing a career in a male dominated field?

Riley- Wow. That’s a heavy question. I’m not sure if doing what I do is sane, you know? Who wants to be chewed up, peed on and sworn at all the time? And that’s just the demons. The other trappers can be nice or they can be real asshats. It just depends. If a girl really wants to go up against all that testosterone, then do it, but she has to be really tough because she has to be twice as good as the guys. And if she makes a mistake they’ll never let her forget it. I swear. That’s the truth.

Dolls- What would you like people to know about you?

Riley- That just because I’m a girl I’m not an airhead or some wannabe. That I am going to make it all the way to master trapper just like my dad.

Dolls- Well, we won’t keep you from your work and studies. Thank you so much for taking the time to answer a few questions for us. We look forward to hearing more about your adventures!
Take care Riley!

Riley- Hey, thanks! This was fun.


Check out the candid Interview with Jana Oliver from Dragon*Con, where she gives more insight to the world of the Demon Trappers HERE

Paperback Dolls wish to extend their thanks to Jana Oliver for the interview. Be sure to get your copy of The Demon Trapper’s Daughter available for pre-order now and on shelves in the US February 1st, 2011 and in the UK as Forsaken January 7th, 2011. Also download your copy of the short story Retro Demonology available now on Amazon Kindle.



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