>Review: Schloss Valkuriz by Felicia N. Cheung


Schloss Valkuriz
Embrace the beauty of the rose and discover the mystery that surrounds it.

A chance encounter with the handsome Lord Kessler leads Iara to the magnificent castle of Schloss Valkuriz where she finds a new and exciting romance.

Haunted by recurring dreams of past sorrows in which she relives the episode of her last encounter with her lover, Iara learns the truth behind a dark secret buried in the past. A secret protected by the immortal beauty of a sacred rose whose very essence is preserved by the faithfulness of a promise now forgotten. A promise which, if broken, would lead to horrifying consequences.

Felicia N. Cheung has delivered an unusual tale in a style which brings to mind Charlotte and Emily Bronte. Contrary to current fashion, Schloss Valkuriz is a tragic love story to which there can be no happy ending.

Our protagonist, Iara, is an eighteen-year-old Chinese girl living in Regency Europe who finds herself attracted to Lord Kessler. However, most of Europe is also enthralled by him, yet he prefers to remain alone.

When he deigns to speak to her at a party, she’s thrilled. When he invites her to his castle for an extended visit, she’s in heaven. They each hold an attraction for the other that’s linked not only to themselves, but also their past – a past that unfolds a layer at a time to reveal their mutual love for Sadhil, a man who died at the hands of the Crown.

As they grow to love one another, the ghost of Sadhil intrudes on their happiness to torture them and distort their love, bringing tragedy to them via the rose he gave to Iara before he died.

This is truly a tragic love story, each willing to die for the other. The lovely, flowing prose is reminiscent of a bygone era, and the tale is one that keeps you reading, hoping for a happy ending that’s not to be. My heart hurt for all of them long after I finished the book. Schloss Valkuriz will have a permanent place on my bookshelf.

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This book was provided by the author.


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