>Month of Love Series Review & Giveaway: The Bridgertons by Julia Quinn


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Note: This review is actually one of my first ever reviews for Paperback Dolls. It’s been a year now since I first read Julia Quinn’s Bridgertons but I still love them just as much and keep finding my way back to them….

The Brigertons are by far the most prolific familly in the upper echelons of society. Such industriousness on the part of the viscountess and the late viscount is commendable, although one can find only banality in their choice of names for their children. Anthony, Benidict, Colin, Daphene, Eloise, Francesca, Gregory, and Hyacinth-orderliness is, of course, beneficial in all things, but one would think that intelligent parents would be able to keep their children straight without needing to alphabetize their names.

Furthermore, the sight of the viscountess and all eight children in one room is enough to make one fear one is seeing double-or triple-or worse. Never has This Author seen a collection of siblings so ludicrously alike in their physical regard. Although This Author has never taken the time to record eye color, all eight posses similar bone structure and the same thick, chesnut hair. One must pity the viscountess as she seeks advantageous marriages for her brood that she did not produce a single child of more fashionable coloring. Still, there are advantages to a family of such consistent looks-there can be no doubt that all eight are of legitimate parentage.

Ah, Gentle Reader, your devoted Author wishes that that were the case amid all large families….

Lady Whistledown’s Society Papers, 26 April 1813
~The Duke and I

Dowager viscountess Violet Bridgerton is quite a woman. Pregnant when her husband dies in a freak accident, she is forced to raise eight children all on her own. Once the children are finally of age, her primary goal is the same as most other women’s during the 1800s–to get all of those children married off. Unlike the other ambitious mamas out there, though, she doesn’t only want advantageous marriages for them; she wants them to have the sort of marriage she had with the late viscount, one full of love to the very end. So, Violet accepts any proposal of marriage–from pauper to Duke–for her children, as long as it makes them happy. She’s a fearless woman, sometimes fighting against society to see her children’s happiness become a reality. She stands up with them in times of heartache, disappointment, and even scandal, and is completely devoted to them. She’s a mother we’d all like to have.

Julia Quinn’s Bridgerton series has eight books (with six sequel e-books. All eight due to come out in one edition very soon). Each book tells the story of a different Bridgerton child, and how he or she finds a fulfilling marriage. The heroines and heroes are mostly guided by intelligence rather than by ungovernable body parts (although there is some of that, too!). The whole Bridgerton family is meddlesome and realistic. There’s also just the right amount of angst and arrogance from each hero to make him absolutely lovable (which is so important in romances!). Quinn has a way of taking a tired plot-line and putting her own spin on it. She uses wit to get her point across rather than blatantly explaining to the reader what she is trying to get them to understand. She has great balance and use of dialogue throughout the stories. It is a credit to Ms.Quinn that she is able to tightly weave together the hilarious with the serious without readers feeling as though they’d switched novels.

I read the whole series in eight days; there wasn’t one book in it that I could stand to put down. If you’re looking for a “steamy” novel in a historical setting, these books aren’t for you. If you’re looking for a romantic, intelligent, and comical series, though, then I suggest picking up a copy of “The Duke and I” (the first book in the Bridgertons series), and giving this author–and this family–a try.

The Duke and I-2000
The Viscount who Loved Me-2000
An Offer from a Gentleman-2001
Romancing Mister Brigerton-2002
To Sir Phillip,with Love-2003
When He was Wicked-2004
It’s in His Kiss-2005
On the Way to the Wedding-2006

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Because I really do love this series so much, I want to share the awesomeness of Julia Quinn’s Bridgertons by giving away a copy of the series first, THE DUKE AND I. All I want you to do to win is leave a comment and tell me What YOUR favorite romance is.

This giveaway is international (as long as Book Depository ships to you)

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