>Month of Love Guest Blog & Giveaway: Confidence is very sexy, don’t you think? by Thea Harrison


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Everyone please welcome Thea Harrison to Paperback Dolls! Thea’s debut paranormal romance in her Elder Races series, DRAGON BOUND, will hit the shelves May 3rd.

I’m afraid I never much liked the actor Jack Palance. Do any of you remember him? He starred in a ton of movies, a lot of them westerns, from 1950 onward. Actually he enjoyed quite a successful acting career, so I must have been in the minority.

He seemed to disappear for a while, at least in my movie- and TV-watching. Then in 1991, he starred as cowboy Curly in City Slickers along with Billy Crystal, Daniel Stern and Bruno Kirby. And Jack was back.

I still didn’t like him. I didn’t have anything against him, mind you. I just didn’t care for him much. I found his acting style overblown, his villainous characters overplayed, and he just plain rubbed me the wrong way.

After he starred in City Slickers, Jack enjoyed a resurgence of popularity. One day when I was watching TV, he came on the screen. He was doing a commercial for a Mennen aftershave, and because I was in the middle of a show I wanted to watch, and because in the early 90s I didn’t have a DVR and the ability to fast forward, I sighed and watched it. And much to my surprise, and very much in spite of myself, I fell a little bit in love with Jack. I looked for that commercial. I laughed and clapped when it came on. I was sad when it was no longer aired.

So what was it about that pesky aftershave commercial? What did Jack do? What does this have to do with my blog on love and romance, you ask? I’ll tell you.

I love a ripped guy as much as anyone else, the washboard abs, a pretty face, to-die-for hair flopping in dark sensual eyes. But I only love it all up to a point. Then I get bored and wander off, unless something else grabs me. That something else has got to be the non-physical part.

That’s where the love and romance come in. There’s the surprise of it, the catch of the sigh in those washboard abs, a face that becomes arresting because of the stamp of personality and the force of emotion behind it, the intelligent twinkle that sparks like fire in those dark sensual eyes. The love and romance—at least for me—is only as good as the heart of the man, whether he is the tortured or the sunny hero, or the passionate villain who is, in spite of himself, redeemed at the end. That’s when I fall in love and what I look for when I read a romance, and that’s what I try to write into my stories.

As far as I was concerned, Jack had almost nothing going for him. I wasn’t attracted to the man in the slightest, until suddenly I was. Until he appeared relaxed in that commercial, accomplished, and he turned to face the camera full-on with a smile in the very last seconds. And then there was the surprise of him that made me laugh out loud, that had nothing to do with his acting history or his age or his looks, but with what he said and the fabulous, mischievous heart with which he said it.

Because confidence is actually very sexy. Don’t you think?


ONE lucky commenter will have a chance to win a signed ARC of DRAGON BOUND! To enter, leave a comment below answering the following question: What is your favorite type of hero with heart? What’s a literary or media example of your favorite?

Passion heats up as dangers and desires clash in a brand-new series. Half-human and half-wyr, Pia Giovanni spent her life keeping a low profile among the wyrkind and avoiding the continuing conflict between them and their Dark Fae enemies. But after being blackmailed into stealing a coin from the hoard of a dragon, Pia finds herself targeted by one of the most powerful—and passionate—of the Elder races.

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About Thea Harrison

Thea Harrison is the pen name for author Teddy Harrison. Thea has traveled extensively, having lived in England and explored Europe for several years. Now she resides in northern California. She wrote her first book, a romance, when she was nineteen and had sixteen romances published under the name Amanda Carpenter.

She took a break from writing to collect a couple of graduate degrees and a grown child. She experienced waitressing as a teenager, has worked as an activist for a non-profit consumer rights organization, has been a receptionist, an office manager, a penniless graduate student, a director of development and research, and a single mom. Her graduate degrees are in Philanthropic Studies and Library Information Science, but her first love has always been writing fiction. She’s back with her paranormal Elder Races series. The release date for her first paranormal, Dragon Bound, is May 3, 2010.

You can catch up with Thea online at her 

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