>BLOG TOUR for "The Haunted E-Book" by J.L. Bryan + GIVAWAY!

>BLOG *We interrupt our love fest for this special announcement – All this love might be giving some of you an aversion to sugar and spice and all that’s nice and so, without further ado we would like to share this special guest blog by J.L. Bryan who is our guest today on his Haunted Blog Tour! Sit down, make sure you’re safe inside and read away as J.L Bryan shares everything he knows about evil spell books and the dangers they contain…..Bruahahahhahahhaha ;)*

The Haunted E-bookDee escapes her dreary librarian job and unfaithful boyfriend by reading romance and fantasy on her Kindle. She tries The Haunted E-book, the story of a 19th century tramp printer whose ghost awakens whenever someone reads a book he created. The ghost stalks his readers and threatens them with death if they stop reading the book. Though she doesn’t usually like ghost stories, Dee can’t stop herself from reading it. Then Dee learns the stories in the books are true, the malevolent ghost is real, and Dee might be the next character to die.

Evil Spell Books: Now Available in Paperback

Spell books. For centuries, they’ve held the secrets to the universe, or at least to casting spells on other people, as well as supernatural critters. Sometimes you want someone to love you back, or to stop bugging you about how much they love you. Sometimes you want wealth, power, or revenge. Sometimes you want to raise the dead, or the demonic, or put them back where they belong.

Famous spell books can be found throughout history, in fiction, folklore or on fire in medieval book-burnings. Here are a few major spell books—real, fictional, or in-between—that have helped shape our modern ideas of what spell books are and what they can do.

The Key of Solomon – This grimoire is alleged to date back to King Solomon himself, but more likely dates back to medieval Europe. It features an index of demons and angels, their symbols and properties, and how to summon or banish them. Want to win a war, get a good job, or just look cute on a Friday night? The key has a demon for you.

The Necronomicon – The granddaddy of evil spell books. H.P. Lovecraft made this book famous in his stories. Loosely based on ancient Sumerian mythology, the Necronomicon is most commonly used to summon the Old Ones cast out at the creation of the universe. These guys liked the chaos, disorder and horror that ruled before soft and cuddly human beings came along with their more benevolent deities. There’s always some grouchy anti-social type who wants to open the gate to Hell and bring them back to destroy the universe. Sometimes a do-gooder comes along and stops the gate from opening. Sometimes not. Either way, we never get too much insight into what other spells are contained in the Necronomicon, except that are they are pretty evil and have to do with funerary rites and necromancy. The book was allegedly written by the “Mad Arab,” Abdul Al-hazrad, somewhere around the eight century A.D.

Today, the Necronomicon may be best known for its role in the Evil Dead movies. Reading the Necromonicon’s spells aloud summons the evil dead to your vacation rental cabin deep in the scary woods. They will harass you from various camera angles until you either die or defeat them. Your weekend may turn into a brilliant low-budget horrorfest.

The Agrippa – This is a legendary spellbook bound in human skin, which resists anyone who tries to use its spells, except for its owner. The Agrippa gets very attached to its owner and freaks out, black magic-style, when its owner dies. (Readers of The Haunted E-book might notice similarities). Darkeva actually found a picture of such a book for my guest blog on her page.

Tom Riddle’s Diary – For those of you wondering whether I’d slip a Harry Potter reference into this article, the answer is yes. Tom Riddle—better known as Voldemort—hides a portion of his soul in this book. It turns out that reading it is not such a good idea, especially if you’re a boy whom Voldemort is determined to kill. If you encounter this book, it’s best to just destroy it (and the bit of Voldemort’s soul inside it) and move on.

In the comments below, you might mention some of your favorite spell books, or what kind of spell book you would like to find.


Random.org picked some blog tour stops for paperback giveaways. One person who comments on today’s post will win two of my paperbacks, The Haunted E-book and Jenny Pox, according to the Paperback Dolls’ usually giveaway rules.
Commenting within seven days also enters you to win The Haunted E-book Tour Grand Prizes, including The Haunted Library and a Kindle (or two!).

Thanks to Day and all the Dolls for hosting me today!

*Enter Dolls*
And thank you Mr. Bryan for visiting and enduring all the pink 😉
Enjoy the rest of your tour!
*Dolls out*

J.L. Bryan studied English literature at the University of Georgia and at Oxford, with a focus on English Renaissance and Romantic period literature. He also studied screenwriting at UCLA. He lives in Atlanta with his wife Christina and assorted pets. He writes about ghosts, the supernatural, the paranormal, the futuristic, the Southern, and the very strange.

Website: http://www.jlbryanbooks.com/


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