>Dead Waters by Anton Strout (Simon Canderous book 4)


Dead WatersWith Manhattan’s Department of Extraordinary Affairs in disarray (forget vampires and zombies- it’s the budget cuts that can kill you), Simon Canderous is still expected to stamp out any crime that adds the “para” to “normal.” And his newest case is no exception…
A university professor has been found murdered in his apartment. His lungs show signs of death by drowning. But his skin and clothes? Bone dry. Now Simon has to rely on his own powers- plus a little help from his ghost-whispering partner and technomancer girlfriend- to solve a mystery that has the NYPD stumped and the D.E.A. shaken and stirred.
In this fourth installment of the Simon Canderous adventures readers will be pleased to find that author Anton Strout has brought his A-game! With all the supernatural going ons in the Canderous world the action picks up in Chapter 1 and doesn’t relent until the last page!

Simon Canderous is a psychometrist (meaning he can read the history of an object through touch) who is still working for The Department of Extraordinary Affairs (D.E.A.). Along with his partner Connor and with help from his technomancer girlfriend, Jane, Simon and company set out to find the truth behind the death of a university professor (who also happens to be an old friend of Inspectre Quimbley).

Dead Waters is darker than the previous books in this series, but it is full of great dialogue and snarky wise cracks from the fantastic array of characters that lighten the tone. The story is well written and thoroughly engrossing. With all the page-turning action, Strout even manages to show his softer side in some rather poignant moments that were surprisingly moving. And the ending…well let’s just say I was completely satisfied with how things went down.

Please visit the amazing Anton Strout
This book was given to PBD for review courtesy of Penguin books.



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