>Kick off Passport to Louisiana!

>Hi everyone! I begged to be able to Kick off Passport Louisiana because, well . . . I’m a little obsessed with the state and all the history of it’s cities. Especially one in particular…

Most girls my age that are into the kinds of things I am fancy New York City for all the art and culture, other see themselves as LA ladies, but me…I want to live in New Orleans.

Home in the Bayou

It’s true, I’ve never been there but I have researched the city and all its history. It’s part of the reason I chose to learn French before Spanish. I love the mash up of cultures in the city and am utterly fascinated by the magical lore and history of the people that made the city what it is.

Garden District Mansion

I have spent hours looking at the pictures of the beautiful homes in the Garden District. I’ve searched through oodles of images of the swamps and find them eerily beautiful, and I’ve driven my family crazy with dragging them to Cajun festivals and even won a craw fish eating contest;-).

Cajun Bucket of food

*sigh* I would love to walk the French Quarter and visit the cemeteries taking photographs of the tombs and landscapes. Despite my pleas, my mother sees New Orleans as more of an adult place. She says that if I visited the city now that it’s likely the reality of the city wouldn’t live up to my illusions. She talks of streets that smell like vomit and urine in one breath, but the next she talks of fun, art, jazz and history. So, I guess you could say I’m confused. Until I can go on my own and experience the city with my own eyes I suppose I’ll have to settle for books about NoLa…and there are some great ones!

New Orleans’ Jazz musicians

One day…not far away, I plan on going to the infamous city. I want to get a tattoo there…don’t know why, but it’s my plan. I want to walk all over and see everything myself. I want to take pictures of everything, especially the cemeteries and sit somewhere in the French Quarter and listen to local music.

I also would love to go visit the old plantation houses that are supposed to be haunted by spirits from the Civil War. I bet there are many other places that I don’t even know about just waiting for me to discover them!

What about you? Have you actually been to New Orleans or Louisiana! Is it as magical and interesting as I imagine it to be? Tell me! I really want to know!


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