>Review & Giveaway! "To My Senses" & "Recovery" by Alexandreana Weis


To My SensesAmid the prying eyes of spicy New Orleans society, one woman must choose between embracing her passion or heeding practicality in this finely-tuned Southern love story. Haunting and heartfelt, this debut novel is steeped in wit, charm and sizzling moments of desire. To My Senses by Alexandrea Weis shares one woman’s journey through love, betrayal and the ultimate tragedy that eventually leads her to discover her true purpose in life.

I was very impressed with “To My Senses” from the very beginning. At only sixteen pages into the book I felt like I already “knew” the characters.

The rich descriptions of New Orleans and it’s locals drew me into the story, which on it’s own is interesting.

A beautiful socialite from an upper class “old money” type of family meets a handsome artist from out of town who moonlights as a gigolo for the old money women that run in the same circles as our leading lady’s family and sparks start to fly! Add to the mix a list of people both in and outside her family set against the couple having a shot in the dark chance at a romance and you have fireworks!

The author’s ability to tell the story with such emotion and still give readers an accurate depiction of New Orleans that is not often seen by those other than natives hooked me completely! What is more, the underlying message of living life to it’s fullest, going after your destiny, really putting your talents to use and coming “to your senses” before opportunities for happiness pass us by, it really resonates.

Do you understand, talent is a gift. It is not to be taken lightly or discarded on a whim. It is who you are and who you are meant to be. ~”To My Senses” page 306

Alexandrea Weis’ story telling was wonderful and went in a totally different direction than I had anticipated. I immediately finished the book and opened the follow up, Recovery.

RecoveryRecovery by Alexandrea Weis is the second novel in the wildly sexy series featuring the enigmatic Nicci Beauvoir. A thrilling read, this character-driven book boasts a whodunit mystery, sultry seductions, and an unforgettable cliffhanging twist. Once a darling of New Orleans society, Nicci pens a novel about a departed friend. While promoting her book in the Big Apple, she’s approached by her friend’s former boss, Simon La Roy, who has a theory about their mutual friend’s death that devastates Nicci. She learns the murder may be linked to someone from her past. Enter Dallas August, an elite member of Simon’s organization of corporate spies prized for his ruthless ability to get the job done. Playing the part of Nicci’s lover, Dallas returns to Katrina-ravaged New Orleans with her to flush out the killer. But everything is not what is seems in the Big Easy, and soon the couple finds themselves trapped in a psychotic’s twisted game of revenge. As the danger grows, Nicci’s relationship with the handsome spy turns from adversarial to amorous. On the run for their lives, Dallas and Nicci must confront their tormentor before it is too late. It’s a deadly decision that could cost Nicci everything, but it is her only chance for finally revealing the identity of the murderer. Just as the truth behind her friend’s death is discovered, another more compelling mystery is unearthed. It’s an unexpected turn of events that rocks Nicci’s world…again

In Alexandrea’s first book, TO MY SENSES, readers see a pre-Katrina New Orleans. The socialites are still throwing parties without a care for those not in their inner circles. But, RECOVERY showcases a very different city and the tone of the character’s emotions reflect not only the hurt and growth that New Orleans has felt since the devastating hurricanes, but also what they have gone through as well.

There is not an easy way to review this book with out spoiling some major things from the first Nicci Beauvoir book. What I will say is that I was just as impressed with Recovery as I was with Weis’s previous work. I really love the way Weis brings the reader into the pages and allows them to feel things right along side her characters!


To My SensesRecovery
We are going to be giving away a copy of both Alexandrea Weis books! One lucky reader will recieve “To My Senses” & “Recovery“. To enter simply leave a comment in this post.

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