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This months article is all about an authors friend-enemy…kidding well kind of. I want to talk about workshops so if you guys are like me workshops may sound like school and anymore that never sounds like fun. 🙂 I will say workshops can give you homework but the benefits you get out of them can be worth the time and effort.

One of our full time Dolls (Mona) turned me on to a great website called SavvyAuthor.com where you can take workshops that interest you year round and not just at conferences were most workshops are found. I must say I’ve been impressed with most of the workshop I’ve taken. In one of the workshops I created the trailer, and in my last two this past month I came up with my hook that finally works and sounds wicked cool and I’m not just saying that see for yourself…

A house’s thirst for blood, along with the secret of murders that a demon doctor performed, will expose a family secret when a young empathic law student inherits her family’s long forgotten haunted house. Things get interesting when deceased relatives arrive to help her learn about her Legacy.

After attending her Great Uncle’s funeral, Alexandria Galinari, learns that the family mansion she’s inherited is on the outskirts of Boston. On her first official week in the house she learns that the house is haunted and that she is being watched by a man named Brenton who is an ex-special ops Captain recently escaped from Leavenworth. Brenton made a pack with a demonic doctor who wants to come back from the dead and take over the house but needs Alexis to do it. He’s the same doctor who performed murders in the house decades before. To settle the house’s full time guest Alexis must learn about its history, her family and what it all means for her while trying to help the FBI and her boss catch Brenton.

Doesn’t that make you want to know more? Now that I’ve figured the hook out I’ve been editing chapter one so I can send out my query letter and submission packet. All because I picked one workshop and it had a really great author running it. The workshop was queries and I learned a lot. My query is ready to go out, I just need everything else, since I’ve been changing things up.

My second workshop was a PR one and with that one I found that I’ve already been doing a lot of the work for promoting myself but it got me to start a website so now you can find me not only @ http://www.wickedcoolflight.blogspot.com/ but you go to http://www.wickedcoolflight.com/. and http://www.teresacrumpton.com/

One of the other topics we discussed in the PR workshop was brand names and I did try to go away from Wicked Cool Flight but something always brought me back so its here to stay Wicked Cool Flight … an author’s dreams take flight is me author Teresa Crumpton. My Flyboy told me to come up with a good story about it other than how I truly came up with the idea so I guess I’ll be creating a good story soon about Wicked Cool Flight. It will help with PR that’s for sure. 😉 That was one issue that kept coming up in my PR workshop how to make people/readers understand my brand name. When you check out the website you’ll see I now have a magical book that is coming apart and the pages look like they are flying like birds, it’s a wicked cool flight and my dreams are taking flight. haha

I know sometimes you have to wonder about my mind, so do I, but what can I say I’m a writer.

I’ve only mentioned three of the workshops that SavvyAuthor.com has to offer they have many more. Every month they have a full load of courses going so check them out you never know what you’ll pick up or who you could help with you’re knowledge.

Until next time, keep reading and in touch.

Teresa Crumpton

Follow Teresa on her journey to authordom:

Wicked Cool Flight… an author’s dreams take flight
twitter: @wickedcoolflght


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