>ARC Review- Hunter’s Fall by Shiloh Walker


Hunter's Fall (The Hunters)Nessa lost her memory following a near-death experience. Dominic is a Hunter dealing with his own problems with memory and sanity. When the two are put together to battle the forces of darkness-while trying to restore what they’ve lost-their all-consuming passion becomes an even greater unknown.
Just in time for summer, Shiloh Walker delivers another page-turning escape into the world of The Hunters”.

*This review contains mild spoilers*

Hunter’s Fall is the story of Agnes (Nessa) the very powerful, 500 year old witch. The book begins with a flash back to the England in the 1500’s where Nessa and her beloved husband are living in a small wooded village called Oneoak. Nessa is hunted by a man who wants her for his own and outs her as a witch in an attempt to trap her into a relationship with him. But, things go wrong and her husband Elias is killed in the chaos. Before dying he promises to return to her again…

Flash forward 500 years and Agnes has been living a very productive albeit lonely existence as a Hunter. Never able to forget her lover, Elias, she begins seeking out death by taking on the more dangerous cases. It is in one of these particular cases where Nessa goes up against a young dark witch who is addicted to blood magic. In the showdown between them Agnes defeats the soul of the young dark witch but her body dies. In some strange twist of fate, Nessa’s old soul takes up residence in the young abandoned body of the defeated dark witch, Morgan. Instead of the welcome death’s doors would have been to Nessa, she is bound to continue living on (begrudgingly) in a younger body.

Along the way Nessa begins dreaming of her lover (only different) and the dreams are very realistic. Between the dreams she looks forward to and her friends Nessa starts living life again…until a terrible accident strips everything she cares about from her again.

Far away the new Vampire Hunter Dominic is consumed with the blond woman in his dreams. He looks forward to his time with her…even it is only in dreams. But the dreams begin to change and Dominic feels a pull luring him to find this woman in real life. Dominic has his own troubled past haunting him, but somehow he just knows that everything will be better if he can find her-whoever she is.

*End of Spoilers*

Hunter’s Fall is a story of tragedy and how even when everything bad that could possibly happen does…if we can manage to keep on going, we can be rewarded with good. Nessa’s story shows how easy it is to fall into darkness and not want to be rescued but if we open ourselves up, the rescue can be sweet-and with Shiloh Walker’s behind the pen-it is bound to be oh, SO wickedly sweet.;)

Paranormal romance and urban fantasy fans will really enjoy this book. It is a perfect poolside read, sure to make you blush and keep you entertained!

*This book was given to PBD for review by the author


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